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A legacy of caring.

“I have been practicing medicine for 27 years. I believe that health care is for the patient.  It should be delivered where the patient needs it at the time that they need it, and at a price they can afford.  In our current healthcare environment, insurance companies and health systems get in the way of the doctor-patient relationship.  With Rocky Mountain Family Practice of Leadville, you will have access to the health care provider you have come to know and trust when you need me and not just when it is convenient for the system.  It has been my pleasure and my privilege to care for you and your family for decades.  I look forward to continuing that journey together.”

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Laurie Strasburger, PA-C

“I believe that being a good listener and giving patients all available information and empowering them to participate in their own care has the greatest impact.”


Laurie Strasburger has been practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant for 27 years. A native of Denver, Laurie received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado College in Colorado Springs, then graduated from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Child Health Associate Program in 1996. 


She has been providing care to patients mostly in rural areas in Colorado, Alaska, and California since. Laurie is

at home in Leadville and has cared for this community previously in both St. Vincent Health’s ER and Rocky Mountain Family Practice with Dr. Zwerdlinger. 


Laurie is passionate about delivering quality medical care

to patients without the constraints of time, insurance, or financial barriers. She is well-versed in chronic disease, urgent and emergency care and she is fluent in Spanish.


When she is not in the office, Laurie can be found in nature with her partner, Doug, and canine companion, Yuki, skiing, biking, running and laughing. She also plays drums, paints (by numbers) and volunteers as a mentor in Lake County. 

Claudia Vargas, MA

Practice Manager

Claudia Vargas serves many essential roles at Rocky Mountain Family Practice. She is Dr. Lisa’s right hand. Her passion for patient care and removing barriers for non-English proficient patients is her guiding force.


As a young girl Claudia and her family suffered a tragedy when her mother passed away due to the language barrier between her mother and her caregivers.  The tragedy has resulted in Claudia’s inspiration for choosing her career in healthcare.


Claudia loves that at RMFP of Leadville, patient care is not rushed; she can get to know her patients and identify how to help them take care of themselves through their treatment plan and by connecting them to resources as needed.


Claudia graduated as a Medical Assistant in Sept 2009 from Intellic College in Grand Junction, CO.  She has worked in healthcare since 2011. She moved to Leadville in 2015 and fell in love with the healthcare providers and the community in Lake County.


Claudia has 1 daughter and 2 stepchildren with her husband The family enjoys cooking and hiking together.  A favorite summer pastime is picking strawberries at Turquoise Lake.

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