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Atención primaria cuando usted
lo necesita y, donde you 
lo necesito. 

Cuidado de la salud intencionalmente diseñado para poner al paciente primero.

El Paciente Primero, DPC es una práctica de atención primaria que ofrece Atención Primaria Directa (DPC). Este modelo de atención médica fue elegido intencionalmente por la Dra. Lisa Zwerdlinger porque se enfoca en la atención al paciente, la excelencia clínica, la accesibilidad y el servicio. Al adoptar el modelo de DPC El paciente primero, DPC ha puesto la atención al paciente en primer lugar. 

¿Qué es DPC?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) es un modelo de pago alternativo innovador que mejora el acceso a la atención médica de alto funcionamiento con una tarifa de membresía simple, plana y asequible. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Sin facturación de terceros (seguro). Los pacientes tienen acceso extraordinario a un médico de su elección y los médicos son ante todo responsables ante sus pacientes.

(Coalición de atención primaria directa, 2021). 


Zwerdlinger, MD


Strasburger, PA-C

Claudia Vargas, MA

Practice Manager


Dr Lisa cares for three generations of our family and I cannot say enough about the quality of care we receive.

Her approach is personalized! By having direct access to our personal Doctor, we save time, effort and in total we all have improved health and wellness.  

It is game changing to be able to text my doctor with a question, vs sitting on the phone trying to schedule an appointment. Because of her longstanding role as a health care leader in our community she knows how to get rapid access to specialized care for her patients.

We are so thankful for her professional, exceptionally high-quality care - cannot say enough about the DPC model and how life changing it is!


Karen Casey

My husband and I are very pleased to be members of Dr. Lisa Zwerdlinger’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) healthcare program. A prime feature that attracted us is the accessibility and availability of the physician, with whom we can now meet as needed at almost any time. In our later years, knowing that she is willing to come to us in our homes, is also a big plus.


In addition to the benefits of the program, we admire Dr. Lisa’s significant experience in and superior knowledge of her field, along with her honesty and care in working with patients.


A personal example: A few months ago, I made an appointment to see her regarding nine personal health questions or concerns. She studied my list ahead of time followed by an appointment at her clinic that lasted a full hour. We had a very positive exchange. I found her to be a good listener and willing to work with me, jointly exploring options.


We feel very fortunate to have her as our doctor and to be a part of her DPC healthcare program.


Laila Dawson

So wonderful to have RMFP here in Leadville!


Dr. Lisa and her staff provide 24/7 quality health care services in the high country. She is professional, friendly, thorough, listens, answers all questions. She also has an excellent support staff.  Being self-insured, I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Lisa as our family and business primary care physician and this service is extremely affordable with a monthly flat fee for exceptional care.


I highly recommend Dr. Lisa Zwerdlinger for primary care.


Suzi Benney and

Benney Builders Inc

Lisa is the perfect example of what your hometown doctor should be. She’s the type of doctor that will pluck you out of your home in a snowstorm to deliver your baby. To have a person that truly cares about your well-being as your doctor is a privilege. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their doctor.

Eric Wuppermann

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